GS Contracts – Pipelines

Қызмет түрі Келісім-шарт бойынша
Ел Kazakhstan
Work Method 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Contact Saule Aliyaskarova
Осы бос қызмет орнына жауап қайтару
Company is developing the Tengiz and Korolev crude oil fields in western Kazakhstan under a concession agreement that expires in 2033. Net daily production in 2012 averaged 218,000 barrels of crude oil, 301 million cubic feet of natural gas and 18,000 barrels of NGLs. The majority of Company’s crude oil production was exported through the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) pipeline. The balance of production was exported via rail to Black Sea ports. In November 2012, Company produced the 2 billionth barrel of crude oil from the Tengiz and Korolev fields since its formation in 1993. In 2012, FEED activities were initiated for three projects. The Wellhead Pressure Management Project is designed to maintain production capacity and extend the production plateau from existing assets. The Capacity and Reliability Project is designed to reduce facility bottlenecks and increase plant efficiency and reliability. The Future Growth Project is designed to increase total daily production by 250,000 to 300,000 barrels of oilequivalent and to increase the ultimate recovery of the reservoir. The project would expand the utilization of sour gas injection technology proven in existing operations. The work scope for activity in Tengiz has been divided into five distinct groups: 3GP, 3GI, Controls & Power, Gathering Systems and Pipelines, and Infrastructure. Detailed Job Description The Contracts position is a rotational position based in Tengiz and reports directly to the Project Gathering System Contracts Advisor and ultimately reports to the Contracts Lead project Gathering System Supply Chain Management. The Contracts position is responsible for executing contract administration processes (including subcontracting oversight / approvals), assisting the Project Manager with contractor management and coordinating interfaces post-contract award for the project through contract close-out. Additional responsibilities include the following: Provide general contractual / commercial advice to Project Engineers / Managers and prepare correspondence to Contractors on routine contractual / commercial matters for approval by Company Representatives. Act as a liaison between Project Engineering / Construction and other Company Departments such as Finance, Legal and Contract Formulation. Review correspondence from Contractors and ensure that replies are prepared when necessary. Will participate in the preparation of these responses where appropriate or required. Prepare and raise Work Authorizations, Service Order Contracts as required for approval by Company Representatives for issue to Contractors. Obtain guarantees, insurance certificates etc. as required from Contractors and forward to Legal, Insurance and Contract Formulation Groups as necessary for review and approval. Advise the Project Controls Supervisor and other Company Representatives on change control matters (Change Orders). Raise Contract Supplements / Extensions / Change Orders for approval by Company Representatives and obtain Contractor signatures also. Review draft sub-contract enquiries, requests for proposals, bid evaluations, and draft sub-contracts. Gather data for the purposes of management reporting and Contractor performance/progress management
BS / MBA in Engineering or Commercial Management field preferred 10+ years Oil and Gas Industry contracting experience with some experience in major capital projects preferred Competent proficiency in contracting / subcontracting skills Experience in Project Services, Construction, or Production contracting areas preferable Strong analytical, negotiation, and communication skills
Tengiz 28/28


Мұнайшы күні
«Болашақ» компаниясы Мұнайшы күніне арналған бірқатар іс-шаралардың бас демеушісі , ал Қазақстанның Мұнайгаз Сервистік Компаниялар Одағы осы шаралардың
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Біз бұрын «Болашақ» компаниясының 24 тамыз күні Құлсары қаласында бос орындар жәрмеңкесін өткізетіні туралы хабарлаған едік.
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Балаларды қорғау күніне қалыптасқан дәстүрге сәйкес, біз мереке қарсаңында балаларға арналған іс-шара өткіздік.
Болашақ-Атырау қызметкерлері екі жыл қатарынан Атырау қаласында өткізілетін Атыраулық марафонға қатысып жүр.
UIB Бос Қызмет Орындар Жәрмеңкесі
11 мамырда Халықаралық Бизнес Университетінде (UIB) Алматы әкімдігі мен жұмыспен қамту орталығы бірлесіп ұйымдастырған Кең ауқымды Бос Қызмет Орындар Жәрмеңкесі өткізілді.
«Болашақтың» әйелдер батальоны!
Болашақ Атырау тобы кезекті ерлер мерекесі - Отан қорғаушылар күнін және еліміздің басты мерекелерінің бірі - Жеңіс күнін атап өтті.