Trilingual Translator

Тип занятости Контракт
Страна Kazakhstan
График работы 28 x 28 (11 hours)
Контактное лицо Zhanniyet Makhambetova
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Real time verbal translation of conversations in both one on one and in meetings Candidate is a Lead Translator for team Advanced comprehensive working knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and stylistics Comprehension- advanced knowledge of all technical and administrative Do written translation of technical and other documentation generated in the Group or related to activities of the Department; provide interpretation for meetings attended by employees of other departments of the Company. Work within -existing translation coordination system Translate the specifics of the company HPLP Project operations CSU team Correct and specific terminology used for translation Develop a detailed action plan to perform tasks and track progress Timely Information Management: collect, consolidate, structure information Must work independently under minimum control of performance Must know strengths and weaknesses and ask for help when uncertain- Accuracy is the most important part of translation Communicate and share experience and information with colleagues to achieve team goals Express his/her thoughts clearly and structured both in written and verbal form
The candidate is to have higher linguistic education and at least 5 years of work experience as a technical translator. The candidate should perform written translation of correspondence, instructions, reports, technical and other documentation. Provide interpretation at the meetings and other different level events. Interpretation / translation for multi-discipline teams as a primary function and assistance to Site Translation Pool in handling other projects’ scopes. Availability for occasional short-term travels outside of the main job placement as and when required. Readiness to work both in office and construction site environment An eligible candidate must have a university degree in linguistics / translation. A successful candidate must have excellent spoken and written communication skills in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. A candidate must have previous green-field construction related experience in a range of construction disciplines, including civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrument & control disciplines. A candidate must have sufficient experience to support communication between non-technical and project support disciplines personnel, including project contracts, planning and control disciplines. All eligible candidates will have to take extensive grammatical and technical written tests and additional verbal test. Relevant Experience: Interprets written or spoken material into one or more other languages, ensures meaning and context are maintained, creates glossaries or term dictionaries, possesses knowledge of multiple languages, works with individual clients and group of people. Technical competencies Advanced or upper intermediate English language knowledge, excellent writing skills and have different cultural knowledge. Fluency in at Least two Languages – English & Russian.
Tengiz 28/28 For Kz passport holders


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